Wordpress plugins that I include in every site build | Dale Greve

WordPress plugins that I include in every site build

SEO Yoast: WordPress is already very SEO friendly out of the box. Yoast has an array of tools that help you supercharge your SEO

Advanced Custom Fields: When sites have numerous admins, editors, and contributors, templates are needed to keep a website consistent throughout. ACF makes creating user friendly admins a breeze with an endless array of fields.

WPForms: For websites capturing leads is essential and creating forms is hard. A lot of thought needs to go into each field item. What characters are allowed, how the fields are labeled, the tab order for accessibility. WPForms free version has enough features to get you started and good pricing if you need something a little more robust.

*Gravity Forms: Although a little more robust with more features Gravity forms is a great option but they do not offer a free version

WP Super Cache: In today’s media saturated environment site speed is more important that ever. Site visitors are likely to abandon your site in less than 3 seconds if they can not find the information they are looking for. Don’t lose precious seconds with a slow loading site.