Well this is a bit akward. You've stopped by while I am in the middle of refreshing my website. Below you will find some of my past work. If you would like to get a sneak peak of my upcoming site swing over to dsgreve.com. Be warned it's a bit of a mess, because I am experimenting with some new techniques. X Close

Dale S. Greve

Creative Developer

Front-end Developer with 13 years experience within the full life cycle of website development. My primary focus has been building clean user interfaces. Being dedicated to learning and my ability to adapt to change allows me to stay current with modern development methods.


Write Impressions

Wrapped In Love

Green Sky Creative

Chrysler Canada

B in the City

Birmingham Chiropractic

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Harvard Road Estates

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Layton Communications

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Iconix and The Giant


Intro to Iconix Inc.